About Us


Our clients include states, tribes, counties, cities and special purpose districts. However; our experience is not limited to the public sector – as we also provide services to the private sector. With nationally recognized credentials, our experience includes personnel in the fields of emergency management, strategic planing, programmatic review and assessment, public safety, Geo-spatial analysis, threat  assessments, and experience working within the Department of Defense in various theaters of war. We proudly employ Veterans and Native Americans within our organization, and are certified as a Women Owned Minority Business (MWBE). We are currently designing and implementing a comprehensive range of strategic planning efforts for our clients including policy review and development, land use authority, continuity planning, and FEMA Stafford Act planning. 

Our Approach

Bridgeview Consulting offers a single point of contact...Our employees include individuals who are specialized within their industry.  Your project managers remain consistent throughout the project, ensuring consistency in the delivery of your planning project.  The quality of our efforts enables our customers to succeed in their mission by providing sound approaches that are cost-saving, and when appropriate, allow for economy of scale whenever possible.

Why Us?

 Bridgeview Consulting, LLC was established in 2013 in Tacoma, Washington. Our vision for starting the company was based on a demonstrated need to provide services at a reasonable cost and with a high level of competency.   We specialize in providing support in multi-jurisdictional efforts, strategic, operational and tactical planning, as well as grant support and project management. Our experience includes efforts at all level of government and includes Native American Tribes. 

Bridgeview Consulting, LLC

Proven Track Record

Bridgeview Consulting, LLC has an established, proven track record as an industry leader.  Our planners have sat on national panels establishing guidelines and protocols which are incorporated into our planning efforts.

Effective for our Clients


We know that our efforts are effective for our clients – this is demonstrated by the request to provide continued support once our initial projects are completed. We have an outstanding reputation, as well as an impressive record of customer satisfaction. 

Proven Industry Leaders

The Bridgeview Consulting Team is comprised of proven leaders that deliver on time, and within budget.  We also provide the flexibility to our clients to ensure that their needs are met – whether this means addressing unforeseen issues or expanding the scope of work to include additional  requirements – we are there to support you to the best of our ability.