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Quality of Efforts

The quality of our efforts enables our customers to succeed in their mission by providing sound approaches that are cost-saving, and when appropriate, allow for economy of scale whenever possible.

Clients –  Alutiiq Tribe of Old Harbor Alaska, Coushatta Tribe of Louisiana, Klamath Tribes, Quapaw Tribe, Shoalwater Bay Indian Tribe, Quileute Tribe, Yurok Tribe, Hoh Tribe, Makah Tribe, Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Pend Oreille County, Grays Harbor County, Island County, Mason County, Clallam County, Spokane County, King County, Grant County, City of Covington, City of Newcastle, and City of Renton. 

Current Efforts –  We are currently designing and implementing a comprehensive range of strategic planning efforts for our clients, including policy review and development, land use authority, continuity planning, and FEMA Stafford Act planning. 

Executive profiles –  Combined, our staff has over 80 years of experience within the public sector.   Staff members include a former state Hazard Mitigation Strategist, Emergency Management Accreditation Program (EMAP) assessors, a law enforcement executive, retired senior naval officer, and certified Geographic Information Systems and Spatial Analysis specialists.  Staff members education includes Master's in Public Administration, Bachelor's in Urban Studies and Law Enforcement Administration. 

Woman Owned Minority Business.  NAICS: 541360, 541370, 541519, 541611, 541614, 541690, 561110, and 561320.  Fully  Licensed and Insured.

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 At Bridgeview Consulting, we are committed to seeing our customers succeed. Whether this means through helping to prepare a grant application for funding, or by developing a threat assessment to help guide resources and resiliency – we will do everything within our power to ensure success.   

Bridgeview Consulting, LLC

915 No. Laurel Lane, Tacoma, Washington 98406, United States

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What others are saying about bridgeview consulting, LLC

Robert Smith - Acting Executive Director Hoh Tribe of Indians

"We commend your firm and your staff [in particular Beverly O'Dea] for the exemplary work...Which will help guide us in our future growth."

Douglas A. Bellomo - Director, Risk Analysis Division, Mitigation Directorate, FEMA

"Your thoughtful comments and comprehensive review of the Wisconsin Enhanced State Hazard Mitigation Plan were invaluable in assisting us in providing important feedback to the State of Wisconsin."

Chuck Wallace - Deputy Director of Grays Harbor County’s Emergency Management Agency

"It is a testament to all of the representatives from the 20 jurisdictions included in the plan, who put in many hours of hard work dedicated to their specific entity.  Grays Harbor County Emergency Management would also like to thank Beverly O'Dea and Bridgeview Consulting, LLC for their incredibly hard work and assistance to this planning effort."


Our staff have spent 20+ years developing a career within the public sector, working at the city, county and state levels in various areas, including public safety.  Over the course of the last several years, we have utilized that experience, along with my educational background, to launch a business which supports governments and private industry through contracted services.  Bridgeview Consulting's motto of "bridging the gap" is what we strive to do - we serve as an extension of the staff of our clients, helping them bridge the gaps in their staffing needs, or filling in those areas which require subject matter expertise.  


Unique to the projects I have completed is the fact that I am forward-thinking and look at the whole picture; how does the plan we are writing impact existing other plans, employment contracts, bargaining agreements, existing manuals of rules and procedures, etc.  Having a Master's in Public Administration, a Bachelor's in Urban Studies, a Certification in Geographic Information Systems and Spatial Analysis along with having worked for 20 years as a paralegal before going into the public sector, my knowledge provides me with a unique perspective to be able to look at the whole picture and not remain focused on just the project at hand.    


Over the course of my career, I have written hundreds of very comprehensive plans and documents; conducted gap analysis for numerous programs and issues; reviewed and updated police associated with identified gaps, and assisted in identifying remedies to address those gaps, all of which support our clients.  The documents I have written have set a foundation for enhanced public safety through effective, consistent, and usable documents that meet the needs of our clients by providing valuable information, not just enabling them to check a box for a required document.  I have written plans covering all phases of FEMA's emergency management: Response, Recovery, Preparedness, Planning and Mitigation.